Google Lead Services verhindert Webseitenaufruf auf Google suchen

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seit ein paar Tagen verhindert der Browserschutz von F-Secure das Öffnen von

Suchergebnissen mit Google suchen.

Hier Vorzugweise die erste Bilderreihe. Nach ausschalten von Browserschutz F-Secure

Ist das Problem nicht mehr vorhanden.

Dieses Problem besteht bei den Browsern Chrom, Firefox sowie Microsoft Edge,

Also überall wo der Browserschutz F-Secure installiert ist.

Wie ist dieses Problem zu beheben ohne auf Browserschutz F-Secure zu


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    Thank you @Getnoe for your message. That was very helpful.

    The problem that has surfaced has to do with a new feature in F-Secure Total and Internet Sercurity called "Ad blocker." The premise of this feature is both to protect against tracking Internet users and to improve browsing on particular sites.

    The feature is currently automatically enabled.

    If its functioning causes any unwanted effects while browsing the Internet, the easiest way is to deactivate it.

    Follow this link for a description of how to do it:

    Man hope you will find this information helpful.

    Kind regards


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  • PawełP
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    Guten Tag @Getnoe

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    Currently, our community forum only supports English and Finnish languages.

    Regarding your problem, Is any message displayed when you encounter a problem with the search results?

    I'll wait for your answer.


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  • Getnoe
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    This dialogue appears on the screen.

    If I deactivate F-Secure's browser protection, the problem is solved.

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