F-Secure banking protection issue

In the morning of 05th September 2023 F-Secure Banking protection was working perfectly, later that day it just stopped working.

When I just do a search on google in either Firefox or chrome, I just get a grey question mark instead of the green tick (for all sites).

When I go to my bank, the banking protection border fails to open.

I have re-installed F-Secure Internet security 3 time now, I have used your removal tool, I have deleted the browser extensions, I even cleaned the registry of all f-secure instances before re-installing and it has not fixed this issue.

This happened before a couple of month ago but it was fixed by a re-install. I need the banking protection working.

After using f-secure for over a decade I am actually looking for an alternative as I need this working and f-secure is not giving me what I paid for.

Any Advise would be good at this point before I end up spending more money on another internet security package.

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  • Ville
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    Hello, there was a maintenance release for Internet Security which unfortunately had a server configuration bug which prevented security cloud from connecting. This resulted in no rating information being available for clients. This issue was resolved yesterday Sep 7th around 6:09 UTC.


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  • GhostRetro
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    Forgot to say I am on Windows 11 pro, and also, I have tried a new windows user account to check if the user profile was the problem.

    I have to April 24 remaining on my subscription, but yet no official reply (or anybody else just trying to help).

    I used to think f-secure was the best of the best, I have probably got f-secure over 30 new customers in my time also. Boy, do I feel stupid.

    At this point it’s looking like I may have to buy “eset internet security”  and risk another waste of money.

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