Trojan.Phishing deleted but from where i.e. what was the email or web site ?

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You tool correctly found and deleted CaseAMZ-97745 virus but your log info does not tell what was the email or web-site where it found the email. How do I know who to block or contact to warn him/her about the viruses ?

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    Hi @Petrixx

    Thank you for the info.

    Generally if our product finds malware in an e-mail attachment in e.g. Apple Mail, we won't be able to say which e-mail it comes from, as the e-mail is stored separate from its attachments.

    However, we would like to help you identify the source of the attachment in which the harmful file appeared. Therefore, we are asking you to generate fsdiag diagnostic data. Our technicians will examine the metadata and may be able to determine which email the attachment came from. Please do not send the fsdiag here on the forum. I will send you a private message in a while. Please check your inbox on the forum.

    I will be waiting for your reply in private message. 

    Thank you


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