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Why is the expiry date on my F Secure Total software different (less) then the expiry date within 'My Account' (The date in 'My Account' is correct.?

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    Client shows the expiry date in local timezone. My F-Secure shows it in UTC (+0:00) timezone. If you are west of UTC (for example North or South America) it will be previous day compared to UTC. The moment when it expires is still the same.


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    I am also only an F-Secure user. So, I cannot to check any information about expiry date, but could you try to check and verify some things:

    • "My Account", is it web-portal? If so, are web-portal (credentials) and used in system F-Secure Total app the one? Can it be different accounts?
    • How much difference between both places?
    • Is it possible to mismatch with formatting like if 03.04.2024 / 04.03.2024 - where 03 can be March or can be third day in April?

    Unless, Support team will respond there - can you provide some examples of different expiration dates; And double-checking that F-Secure TOTAL app is applied to your My F-Secure Account portal subscription (I mean, this one which you see with a proper expiry date).


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    Many thanks for your input and time. It gives me lots of thoughts to work on.

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    Thanks for your time and input. However I am talking about at least 18 months lost.

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    @Grandad47 I will send you a private message for us to further discuss your subscription expiration date.

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