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I wanted to inform that the Fsecure VPN Finland server is now recognized by a certain service I have been using earlier. Another VPN provider I have access works though. Hence, I was wondering if you can do something about the issue?

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    Hello @__peksa__

    Thank you for your post.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. We really appreciate it. 😊

    If it's possible, could you kindly provide us with some additional details regarding the streaming service providers that have recognized F-Secure VPN? We're quite curious and eager to learn more about this.

    Hence, I was wondering if you can do something about the issue?

    Also, we'd be grateful if you could shed some light on the issue you're trying to address with F-Secure VPN. This way, we can better understand the context and offer any assistance if needed.

    Thanks again for your help and have a fantastic day ahead. 🌞

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    So I stay often in the UK but have typically bought subscriptions to services from Finland so I’m using VPN to enable e.g streaming.

    I have earlier succesfully used F-secure VPN to watch Formula-1 via my official paid subscription https://f1tv.formula1.com/ but they blocked me last week. However, when using another VPN provider, I can still do it so it’s not gps location related.

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    indeed their prevention efforts are understandable. However, from just technical point of view wanted to inform you that Fsecure VPN is recognized while others may not be. Btw. I tried to turn vpn on/off multiple times.

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