Hope f-secure can add a network scanning detection feature

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I hope f-secure internet security can add network scanning detection feature. When f-secure detects that someone is scanning this computer, it alerts the user that someone is scanning this computer. (The reason for this suggestion is: network scanning is usually something that hackers often do before attacking. And, no security software seems to have this feature yet!)

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  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user too.

    Just as a discussion.

    I think there are some troublepoints; and to implement it with so 'easy' view is a bit of tricky. For example,

    • how to understand / mark either is it scanning or something 'functioning' and operational;
    • what is the reason to inform user instead of blocking malicious attempt? and if 'only to inform' - what user should to do then?

    As such, probably, network scanning or 'finding open ports' are something against what there is a protection or additional (monitoring) layer in form of Firewall (with Windows: there is built-it one) or very specific tools (ids/ips) with much more features (and even can be bypassed still). Also, home users usually can be behind NAT via their ISP.

    Then, what is entry point to your system (network) - router? Good to keep it updated and 'secured'. The rest ways - probably can be treated as 'generic' web-threats or malware. And so detected as such.

    But I feel that something like this (feature request's point) is a very lovely idea.