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I recently renewed my subscription for F-secure total on my windows pc. But later, when my old license F-secure total expired the F-secure computer software started telling me that "your pc isn't secured...", even though I had renewed the subscription. And this was able to happen even though the website "My F-secure" told me that I had renewed my subscription for F-secure total.

Then I started thinking that maybe I could redownload the software from "My F-secure", but that did result in it being unable to download the app, saying "Renew your subscription now to stay protected". But as you can see in the picture, I clearly have 728 days left of my subscription.

What should I do?

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    To summarise the issue was such that the subscription reflected an incorrect subscription end date after renewal. As a result we have taken the liberty of correcting the subscription end date as per your subscription.


  • marmab
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    Hello @Melvin_Wiklund

    Welcome to the F-Secure community.

    I'd be pleased to assist in investigating your account status. I will send you a private message where you can provide me your account credentials to further this inquiry.

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