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Since a day of two, I get my password double pasted, after copy it from the s-secure app. Its only happening on a windows 11 computer.

Very frustating now i need to type in password manual.

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  • Firmy
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    Hello @Jeroen66

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community. Thank you for your post.

    Could you kindly provide us with the version of F-Secure ID Protection and the Password Manager extension you are experiencing the issue with? Additionally, please let us know the browser in which you encounter this problem. Is it happening on all browsers or just a specific one? If it's a specific browser, could you please provide us with its version number?

    Regarding the autofill feature, are you referring to the issue of the password being pasted twice? Does this problem occur when you use the "Copy field to clipboard" option?

    We're eager to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you, and we hope you have a great day.

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