TURN OFF PROTECTION option is now hidden in F-Secure 19.1 ?

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Product: F-Secure Ver: 19.1 (June 2023), Windows version

The option of "Turn Off Protection" (for X minutes or until reboot) is no longer available under the 'Viruses & Threats' menu....

it appears to have been hidden more deeply:

(three vertical bar menu) --> Help & Support --> (?)Support --> [srcoll all the way down] --> [Turn off Protection].

Q: Is this more convoluted way now the best and/or only way to temporarily disable all protection ?

The former quicker path under 'Viruses & Threats' and/or a right-click option to temporarily disable protection on the taskbar icon would be most welcome.

PS: ability to disable protection should of course not be used unless necessary, but it is occasionally needed when installing certain programs or updates in Windows, or during some file backups or system image backups with certain software vendors.

Also note the on-line documentation has not been updated as of 2 July 2023, and still refers to the old/wrong path to Turn Off Protection.


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