Higher TOTAL price if you alrdy have trial account going on - why?

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So, I am currently testing out F-Secure TOTAL with it's free 30 days trial. Feels like I'd like the product and so on I was about to replace my McAfee LiveSafe with F-Secure. I went to an online store and saw that there was 49,99€ discount price for 5 devices protection. Price seemed reasonable and I was about to buy it, however, online store told me that I already had an F-Secure account and so on I should login. After I did, the price flew from 49,99€ to 79,99€ for 5 devices and 74,99€ for 1-3 devices.

Any explanation for this? I consider myself as new customer as I'm on trial, however it looks like your internet store disagrees. I should be able to buy it with cheaper price? 🙄

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    As an extra question, what if I would order F-Secure TOTAL for 5 devices from Verkkokauppa.com? Am I still able to use it even I'd have trial account.

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    Hello @Firmy!

    Thanks for welcoming me here. o/

    I did check out the price by logging into My F-Secure - Chose "Buy Now" - but it still, unfortunately, gives me a price of 79,99€ for F-Secure TOTAL instead of 39,99€ what you just mentioned.

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    Hello @Liue

    Thank you for your reply.

    It's possible that there may have been a slight mix-up with your account login. If you used a different email address, it could have caused you to miss seeing the offer. Could you kindly let me know if you logged in from the app or the portal? To ensure we resolve this issue, please login to the portal using this link. Take a moment to check if the offer appears when purchasing the subscription.

    Additionally, I've sent you a private message. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply to my message with the email address you used to login to your My F-Secure account.

    Thank you kindly for your assistance. I'm eagerly awaiting your reply.

    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.

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    Hiya again,

    I have used correct email address, however it didn't resolve an issue. I have answered to your DM right now, sorry for slight delay.

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