my VPN don't opening geoblocking side in Austria

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when i contact The Austrian television companie ORF MEDIATHEK, my VPN cant not open program was geoblok. All athers is not an problem. On the display you cant read "Only for austrian. you have not connect. Its was not problem before mars

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    Hello @Vonsi46

    Thank you for your post.

    Streaming services may prevent access to F-Secure VPN and other VPN services to enforce their content distribution rights and copyright agreements with content owners. F-Secure VPN works by redirecting your internet traffic through its servers and disguising your IP address to appear as though you are browsing the internet from a different location.

    When someone uses F-Secure VPN to access a streaming service, they can bypass the geographic restrictions and appear to be accessing the service from a different location. However, this can violate the content distribution rights and copyright agreements of the streaming service and its content owners.

    To enforce their agreements, streaming services use various measures to detect and block VPN traffic, including F-Secure VPN. This may include monitoring IP addresses and other network traffic to identify VPN usage and blocking traffic from known VPN servers or IP ranges.

    Despite providing privacy and security benefits, VPNs can also be used to circumvent geographic restrictions and infringe on content distribution rights. As a result, streaming services may block VPN traffic to protect their content and enforce their agreements with content owners.

    You can read more about this at this link

    And it seems that the Austrian national TV has recently implemented measures to block our VPN. They display a message stating, "Dieses Video darf aus rechtlichen Gründen nur in Österreich wiedergegeben werden" ("This video can only be played in Austria").

    If you need any additional information or assistance regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day.


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    There are a few reasons why your VPN might not be working for ORF Mediathek.

    Here are a few things to check:

    • Make sure that you are connected to an Austrian VPN server.
    • Make sure that your VPN is up to date.
    • Try a different VPN provider. Some VPN providers are better at bypassing geo-blocks than others. If you are having trouble with one provider, try another one.

    If you have checked all of these things and you are still getting a geo-blocked error, it is possible that ORF has recently updated their geo-blocking measures. If this is the case, you may need to wait for F-Secure team to address the issue.



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