Pop Ups.

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Security Pop Ups.

Windows 11

MS Edge

F-Secure security.

Windows Firewall is also active,

All up to date.

After installing a Samsung USB driver from the Samsung site.

Have removed the driver.

Many pop ups as per the two examples:-

Scans with FS say all is clear!

Advice Please.

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  • libitz
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    Hi @EJB,

    I assume this issue is only happening with Microsoft Edge. It looks like the Edge Browser on your system is allowed to receive notifications from these websites. Please see the steps below that explain how to remove/block these notifications.

    How to stop website notifications in Microsoft Edge

    You can remove or block notifications for individual websites in the following ways:

    Remove or block notifications in Edge settings

    1. In Edge, go to Settings and more  in the upper right corner of your browser window.
    2. Select the three dots next to the website from which you want to stop receiving notifications and select either Remove or Block.
    • Selecting Remove stops notifications also, but if you visit this website in the future the site will ask if you want to allow notifications again. 
    • Selecting Block stops the website from sending you notifications.
      1. Select Settings  > Cookies and site permissions and select Notifications. Under Allow, you will find a list of websites that are currently sending you notifications.

      Manage notifications from your browser address bar 

      To check or manage notifications while visiting a website you’ve already subscribed to, follow the steps below:  

      1. Select View site information  to the left of your address bar.
      2. Under Permissions for this site Notifications, choose Block from the drop-down menu.

      I would also take a few minutes to check and see if any additional software has been installed on your system since the drivers were installed.

      I hope this helps! 👍️

  • EJB
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    Thank you.

    I have a problem at the first step!

    Clicking the three dots/'Settings and more' offers 'Your Profile' as per the image.

    Which option from there please?

  • EJB
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    Thank you both.

    Cleared the cache in Edge.

    Found the website listed in the two images and deleted it.

    Problem solved ......Thanks again😉

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