DeepGuard blocks installation of KeePassXC. How to solve this?

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An agency I work for recommend strongly that those working for them use an app called KeePassXC to save their password in a safe way. They have tested it out and found that it is totally safe.

The problem is that when I try to install KeePassXC, DeepGuard blocks it because it believes it is a malware.

So how do I go about telling DeepGuard that the utility is safe?


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    You may want to make sure that KeePassXC isn't vulnerable to CVE-2023-32784. I had taken a quick look on the KeePassXC website and there is no mention of this at the time I am writing this post. It is possible that DeepGuard has flagged this due to the CVE or poor reputation of the file at this time.

    *I am unable to post links on the forum due to being new to this platform. This is the reason I am asking you to Google Search a few topics.

    Please Google Search - NIST CVE-2023-32784 - This is the current vulnerability for KeePass.

    Please also keep in mind that KeePassXC is available in the Microsoft App Store.

    #1. Please make sure you are downloading this software from a reputable source.

    #2. When downloading the software please be sure to validate the hash value of the installation file. Please be sure that the hash value matches the value that is posted on the developers website.

    Please Google Search - NJCCIC An Intro to Using Hashes to Check File Integrity

    #3. I always scan a file using Virustotal just to see if the file is flagged by any antivirus vendor outside of F-Secure. At the moment of writing this F-Secure hasn't flagged the Windows Installer of this file by engines using within the Virustotal platform.

    #4. For older versions of the F-Secure Antivirus Products please see the following support article - Allow applications that DeepGuard has blocked.

    Please Google Search - F-Secure Internet Security 2022 - Allow applications that DeepGuard has blocked.

    For new versions of F-secure Products as of February 14, 2023.

    Please navigate to Protecting the computer against harmful content > Allowing blocked applications > Managed excluded applications. 

    If you feel the file you wish to install is valid and known good. It isn't malicious and the detection is a false positive by Deep Guard. Please submit the file by Google Searching - F-Secure Submit a sample.

    I hope this helps! 🙂


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