total uninstall of F-Secure Anti-Virus protection

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I am trying to completely remove F-Secure from a Windows 11 PC.

From the Control Panel, I removed F-Secure. though remnants of FSecure remain.

I downloaded the FsUninstalliontool, and it finds Log Files. When I run this to either remove 'all products' or just remove Log Files, I get a success.

Though after a reboot of the system, the log files are still detected.

Where are these files located? What do I need to do to totally remove FSecure Virus Protection?

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    The uninstallation tool removes log files, but it creates its own log file about the operation. That is what is detected the next time.

    You can manually remove recursively this directory: C:\ProgramData\F-Secure. However, if you run uninstallation tool again to just check what it detects, it creates a log file and detects it.


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  • Th3St0rm
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    Hello Ville,

    That makes sense. To that end, I've run the uninstaller, then deleted the F-Secure Folder under Program Files (x86), and then rebooted the PC.

    But the software I am trying to replace this with still detects F-Secure on the system.

    There is nothing in Program Files, there is nothing in Add/Remove Programs, and I don't see anything that stands out in RegEdit.

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