I loss my mobile

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I loss my mobile and I have f secure account also in mobile how to track

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    I am only an F-Secure user.

    And I think there are limited possibilities to do something by using current F-Secure solution (or, so to speak, My F-Secure account portal). However, if you managed to be with an older version or another type of solution (any way) with still functioning 'Finder'-feature (or its replacement) - then you can try to use it. In that case - your device should be with activated Finder-options; and My F-Secure Portal should be with related options for that device (login->click device logo->check Finder tab->check available options).

    BUT, as such (both) Android and iOS F-Secure Internet Security (SAFE) solutions with dropped status for this feature. As described there: Why has Finder disappeared from F-Secure SAFE? - F-Secure Community

    So, recommendation is to use built-in locator functionality - Android's Google account-based or iOS its own design. Perhaps, both things should also be pre-configured before device is lost.

    Did you mean this kind of "track"ing?

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