[Parental Control, Android] give more information about apps in App Control list.

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There is "App Control" feature in Family Rules on Android platform (mentioned there: Editing App Control settings | Total | Latest | F-Secure User Guides)

-- design Now:

  • we can control apps and manage like allow or deny; whether daily limits apply or not;
  • but we can't see what kind of app it really is. Category or type of application; Because there is only a name. It might even be a fake app with a name like "Google"-related - but not Google-powered (so to speak).

-- Proposed design:

  • make visible more information in addition to the app name - like if 'source'; 'category/type'; user's "rating" in the Google Play store (for example); the "reputation or rating" by the F-Secure Parental Control division. The installation date can also be useful; And other things, which I cannot imagine but might be good enough to make a decision or just reconsider by checking the list.
  • since this is remote functionality, it will be useful in those cases when it is not possible to take and see the child's device right now. But there is a desire or need to see the list in App Control. Or the child remotely requests to allow "such and such" app. The name of which, in general, sounds decent enough.
  • current alternative is searching the App name manually. Comparing its 'logo' and 'wording'.

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