fsscan.exe --quick not working since update to 19.0

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I'm using F-Secure Safe on Windows 7 and have created some tasks to be run under the Windows scheduler:

  • 2 task running weekly (at night time). The "Action" is: ...fsscan.exe --sched
  • 1 task executed when I use any account for the first time for any day. The "Action" of the task is: ...fsscan.exe --quick

The idea of the once per day tasks is not only the actual check, but to give some visible indication that virus scan is working.

Now the problem: During last week the system was automatically updated to version 19.0. Since that update the daily scan (fsscan --quick) has not been working. Re-creating the task doesn't help. On the other hand, the "fsscan.exe --sched" tasks work just fine.

It looks like the fsscan.exe doesn't anymore recognize the --quick qualifier. Alternatively, perhaps some other image is now used for the quick scan (the quick scan appears work just OK, when I start it from the normal UI).

My question: How do I create a scheduled tasks, which would run the quick scan?

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    The --quick option in fsscan.exe was meant for corporate clients only and has been removed. The alternative in the consumer version is to use the Scan Wizard, you can launch quick scan from the main user interface. There is no command-line version available.

    Generally the real-time protection protects you in day to day usage and there is no need to run scan on every login. Scheduled scan is good for finding non-active malware that may be on some disk, but for that you need to scan the disks.


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