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Add Computer Cleaner /Disk Wiper feature to new Total product..(Business/Consumer)

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  • A3B
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    Thank you for your suggestion, cleaning or wiping a disk are two different functionalities.

    Wiping a disk can only be done if this would be an extra disk, a network disk or maybe usb. You cannot wipe the disk that runs your operating system while using it.

    In case of Windows you have a build in Reset PC option in which you can choose to remove (Clean) all your data or to reinstall Windows.

    There are similar processes available for other operating systems like MacOS and Linux even on mobile phone like iOS or Android.

    Wiping only a certain file secure could maybe be a good suggestion from a security perspective.

  • JOnes
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    Thank you for focusing the suggestion on different situations and functionalities .Sometimes it's necessary to change the old windows pc/laptop to newer one and the old one is still usable for lighter core platforms like chromeOS,Linux etc..As an bundled tool within Total (F-Secure)for cleaning/wiping the old system disk before installing could be usable..Full support for ChromeOS is not avalable in F-Secure(Total) yet..