Every time fscsafeadmind starts, it will disable the firewall


Hi dev team,

Good day, the problem can be reproduced by restarting fscsafeadmind process, please see the picture below.

installed version: 3.0.48998 (48998), macOS 13.2.1 (22D68)

best regards


  • ArthurVal
    ArthurVal Posts: 243 F-Secure Employee

    Hello! Thanks for the report!

    It's a known issue (from a quite recent time). We just got a few more reports about this quite recently.

    We will adjust it in a future release of FS Protection.

    Best regards, Arthur

    Mac R&D Team

  • Winnifox
    Winnifox Posts: 1 Observer

    Hello everyone

    I can confirm this issue. First I thougt deactivation of the firewall only happens on restarting my mac book. But now it seems that it happens in some other cases during I work with this machine too. As this ist security relevant I ask for a fast fix or a workaorund.

    Kind regards