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Nice to see new developments with your app. How ever, the usability has gone down:

  • Previous, having separate ID Protection app, it was easier to open it for logins with one mouse click from the right hand corner icons in Windows taskbar. Now I need to first open F-Secure app, then from there select the vault. More complex user path, not good.
  • Previously, having separate app for FreeDome, I could see from the bottom right corner of the Windows task bar whether the VPN was on or not. Now, there is no easy way to see that VPN in on. Not good.

Those two issues could be easily corrected by adding right mouse click menu item for Vault selection e.g. just below "open settings" (please do) for the right hand corner icons. Similarly, you could add an indicator for VPN into taskbar icon (please do).

Also, please, do finally develop the vault functionality itself so, that one could have either tags or folders to organize the password items stored there.

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    Hi @K_P

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    I have to move your post to a better discussion channel so that our team is aware and can take into consideration with regards to your suggestion.

    Thank you.