How does GPS Fleet Tracking work?

For the comprehensive GPS Tracking solution, we need three imperative components to complete the required circuit. 

Tracking Device (Hardware) to receive signals from GPS Satellites

GPS Trackers server to store data 

User Interface (Software) for the end-user 

The device installed in the vehicle has a sim that provides the network(GPS+GSM) for receiving and releasing data. This device sends data to the central server which is then translated and represented in a comprehensible manner to the fleet managers through the software. 

The end result that appears on the app/web screen involves advanced level automation to simplify the complicated process. 

What are the additional benefits?

You get real-time time updates on fuel monitoring software levels, vehicle tracking software status, driving behaviour monitoring , route planning solution and much more. TrackoBit uses Telematics solutions to its maximum potential to deliver more than 40 features to enhance Fleet management in the Logistics sector.

You get the history of the last 6-months, elaborated charts, alerts, announcements, enquiry segments and a lot more. We keep adding new features from time to time to keep pace with our client’s requirements. 

GPS tracking is making a hell of a difference in the Logistics and Transport industry. Wondering how? Check it out here.


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    You receive real-time alerts on a variety of topics, including fuel monitoring software levels, vehicle tracking software status, monitoring of driving behaviour, route planning options, and much more. TrackoBit delivers more than 40 features to improve fleet management in the logistics industry by making the most of telematics technology.