How to register my multidevice subscription for Freedome on my iPhone?

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On my iPhone I have used a Freedome subscription bought thru the Apple App store which expires Jan 31, 2023. I also have a multidevice subscription for Freedome, valid for another year and a half which is registered only on 1 device: my PC. How can I transfer the subscription to my iPhone? If I try to do that now, it switches to the subscription page in the Settings app, which only allows me to extend my current subscription via the Apple App store, but it will not let me enter my subscription code from F-Secure.


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  • zaimazmi
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    Hi @PhysicsMatters

    Thanks for contacting us at F-Secure Community.

    Please be informed that FREEDOME VPN has a new update where it requires the users to create an account instead of manually entering the subscription code on your FREEDOME VPN app. Hence, when you open FREEDOME, it has no option for you to enter the code.

    Upon checking your email, it seems you already have an account but it was for F-Secure SAFE where you can use your FREEDOME VPN subscription code and merge it to your SAFE account by following these steps.

    To convert the subscription code into usage time:

    1. Log in to My F-Secure account
    2. Click on the subscription
    3. Manage your subscription
    4. I want to renew now.
    5. Enter the subscription code.
    6. Accept.

    And regarding your query, since you have used the subscription from Apple Store on your iPhone, if you cancel the subscription App Store, you won't be able to activate the subscription immediately using your FREEDOME account since it has a grace period. You need to wait until the grace period ends, then you will get the option for you to log in.

    Hope this clarifies your query.

    You can let us know if you require further assistance.


  • zaimazmi
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    Hi @Cyrill_2023

    Thanks for contacting us at F-Secure Community.

    To help you with this, I will suggest you log out from your current FREEDOME VPN and log in again by following these steps.

    1. Open the F-Secure FREEDOME VPN app
    2. Go to Settings, scroll all the way down and look for Log Out. If you see it tap on it. (if you do not see it, probably you have a subscription from App Store)
    3. Once done, go to Subscription and you will be able to Log in
    4. Your F-Secure FREEDOME VPN subscription shall now be activated

    You can let me know if you require further assistance.




  • Cyrill_2023
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    I have a similar problem : by mistake I released the Freedome license from my iPhone. I gave it free. Now it is impossible to set it back on the same iPhone. It always says "License expired" but the license is free and paid. I don't see why I should pay for another license while one of three paid licenses is free.

  • PhysicsMatters
    PhysicsMatters Posts: 2 Observer

    Great answer: after the grace period had expired, I had no problem following the instructions and activating my subscription

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