Android 12 & iPadOS 16 reject Masterpassword!

Oschka2 Posts: 3 Observer
edited June 2023 in F-Secure ID Protection

what is this?

unfortunately I deinstalled my android version - thought I'd just make a new connection through my PC... Masterpassword was never changed and I also have the QR Images. The word is correct, but on the to named devices it won't be accepted! Please help!!

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  • zaimazmi
    zaimazmi Posts: 26 F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Oschka2

    Thanks for contacting us at F-Secure Community.

    May I know if you have managed to log in to your ID PROTECTION using your Master password for your Android and iPhone?

    You can let us know if the issue remains or if you need further assistance.


  • Oschka2
    Oschka2 Posts: 3 Observer

    No, unfortunately I had to setup everything new. I exported passwords from my PC, and did the new setup for every single device, as described in the FAQs.

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