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Can we expect full ChromeOs support for Total products in the near future?Exspecially autofill option in ID-protection would be usefull..

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  • Firmy
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    Hello @JOnes

    Thank you for your post.

    F-Secure TOTAL is only supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms only. You may check this link the list of supported platforms of F-Secure TOTAL

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • JOnes
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    Well,actually i'm NOT asking the actual list of supported platforms,the question was: will TOTAL (home)products(merged or not) be supported FULLY on ChromeOS platforms in the near future,many features work allready others don't(ex. autofill)If you do not have a perspective on this,express so,thank you-

  • JOnes
    JOnes Posts: 395 Rock Star

    OK,Running Total Home products on Chrome-OS platforms,It would be more informative to inform the user that the platform is not supported (fail to start eg) instead of running them partially and "mixing the poor user 's head totally"😋

  • Keithab
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    Just purchased f secure total but it will not download To my chromebook.

  • JOnes
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    Looks like there's NO F-Secure(latest version in Google Play Store)) support for Chromebook(ChromeOS),earlier versions could be downloaded but features worked only partially).Somewhat confusing for consumer user but typical for F-Secure products.

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