Setting apps to connect directly not available on Freedome

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As others have indicated Amazon prime video does allow use of a vpn. Your help site says: If you wish, you can set apps to bypass FREEDOME VPN's protection features. 

"All installed apps are immediately scanned for viruses and other risks automatically. If FREEDOME VPN has not detected anything suspicious risks in the app, you can set it to connect to the internet directly. Use this feature cautiously.

  2. From the top-left main menu, select Settings > Apps bypassing VPN.

The Manage apps view opens.

  1. Select the apps that you allow to connect to the internet directly, bypassing FREEDOME's protection features."

However the "Apps bypassing VPN" does not appear under settings. Running on iMac w/ Ventura 13.1

How do I turn off VPN for a limited time/manually. I have tried to delete it in Activity Monitor and it will not delete, and even though I can seemingly turn off Freedome, I still get the message from Amazon the I using a VPN.

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