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I requested to give PayPal Honey? Access that’s why I don’t know what to think. I accepted at first to extend my browser. All the things they asked me and today I became an SMS where supposedly it was a member of my family asked me for money. It’s possible that both scammers are?

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    Hi @Deutschy7

    Ensure you ignore the SMS especially if there's a link in it as that may compromise and expose your device.

    As for the AA sign, when you tap on it, it reveals a menu of Safari options, including font size, reader view, and others. You can't remove it and it's not harmful. But for that SMS, that looks suspicious especially when you can't identify its source and it could be a coincidence that all of this is happening after you made the PayPal transaction.

    Have you enabled the F-Secure browser extension on this iOS device? You no longer have to use F-Secure's safe browser. See the below articles;

    I hope I got your queries right?


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