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Tejal Posts: 4 Observer

Good day, i am a user of Fsecure

Want to add more users but the system is down

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  • Amirul
    Amirul Posts: 161 F-Secure Employee
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    Hi @Tejal

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    I have check on your My F-Secure account and it seems the buy more license should be working now. If you still getting the same error, kindly try to use a different internet browser to confirm if the issue are same or not.

    Looking forward to your update.


  • Tejal
    Tejal Posts: 4 Observer

    Hi Amirul, I have tried this, but no success, it shows I have an available balance but I cannot use it, please let me know if there is someone in support who can rectify this urgently, i have screenshots of the available balance which i do not want to leave here

  • Firmy
    Firmy Posts: 1,778 Community Manager
    edited December 2022

    Hello @Tejal

    Thank you for your reply.

    I can see that you have added 3 users as sub-users under your account. May I confirm with you that you received the error when trying to send an invitation to your family or friends? Can you provide me with the email you are trying to send the invitation to? I have sent you a private message, you can provide the email by replying to my message. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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