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Hello Springbok here

I have a question. At present I am running TalkTalk On Line Defend (F-Secure SAFE) I need to change my email address. After I have logged in and tried to go to account settings it just comes up with my name, with the only option to change my password, and that is all... I don't know how to change my email.

Please can you help

Thank You

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    Hello @springbok

    Welcome to the F-Secure community page.

    What @Ukko wrote before is correct. Kindly contact TalkTalk to assist you on this matter.

    You can reach them on the following number: 0345 172 0088

    Thank you and have a good day.


  • Ukko
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    I am only an F-Secure user.

    So, you tried to use My F-Secure Account portal (or its TalkTalk brand), but the following design doesn't apply:

    How do I change My F-Secure account login email address? - F-Secure Community


    It is possible that these are limitations of this type of accounts (here, assigned to TalkTalk). Managed by (or sort of). It is likely that you need to contact their support (or a specific one for this solution from F-Secure.. if present). Not familiar in their promotional offers and "design" of cooperation, but it is possible that the use of a branded solution from TalkTalk is tied to a email address (associated with TalkTalk).

    Otherwise, let's see what F-Secure Team members can suggest.


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