can't register existing subscription from within iOS app

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I used to be able to just paste-in a code to activate the IOS app. With the switch to the F-Secure log-in account based activation system, I can't activate my existing subscription within the iOS app. I successfully log in within the subscription settings pane, and then a pop-up even confirms that my subscription is (supposedly) active, after I enter a license a nickname, but then the app still thinks it's "expired" due to the previous App Store trial that had kicked in when the new account-based (vs. license-code-based) system started. Is this a "dark pattern" to encourage redundant subscriptions, or was the new activation mechanism just never tested before release? I'm only using 1 of my 3 licenses, and can't apply a second activation within the iOS app. Also tried completely deleting the app and its VPN profile files and the same thing still happens after logging in again. I had been a fan of Freedome previously, but this is ridiculous.

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