can't register existing subscription from within iOS app

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I used to be able to just paste-in a code to activate the IOS app. With the switch to the F-Secure log-in account based activation system, I can't activate my existing subscription within the iOS app. I successfully log in within the subscription settings pane, and then a pop-up even confirms that my subscription is (supposedly) active, after I enter a license a nickname, but then the app still thinks it's "expired" due to the previous App Store trial that had kicked in when the new account-based (vs. license-code-based) system started. Is this a "dark pattern" to encourage redundant subscriptions, or was the new activation mechanism just never tested before release? I'm only using 1 of my 3 licenses, and can't apply a second activation within the iOS app. Also tried completely deleting the app and its VPN profile files and the same thing still happens after logging in again. I had been a fan of Freedome previously, but this is ridiculous.

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    Hi @TlB

    Thank you for reaching out to F-Secure Community.

    I have checked on your details and it seems that you have been in touch with our support with regard to the issue. I will inform our team to get back to you for further assistance on this.

    However, the issue that you have on your iOS device might be related to the grace period when you change the subscription type that causes you this issue. You may refer to the article below:

    I cannot confirm whether this is the main problem. We may need to get additional information to understand the issue further. I have advised our team to get back to you or alternatively, you can always contact our support whenever you are available:

    Thank you again for your patience and support

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