FS Protection PC 19.0 releases

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FS Protection PC 19.0 releases will be posted under this thread.



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    Release 19.0 beta 2 (TOTAL 5.1.580):

    New features:

    • Ad block feature. You can enable it in Secure Browsing tab and adverts will not be shown during your browsing. Coverage is improved over time (PBL-2438).
    • License based features support. This allows us to have different features available to different users based on the subscription even when the product is the same.
    • VPN feature that is currently available only for a handful of selected beta users. This availability may be expanded in future releases.
    • The "Turn off all protection" tool button is also shown at the "Secure Browsing & Banking" main UI view.

    Fixed issues:

    • Incorrect title is shown at the ID Monitoring if webview2 is blocked in Firewall (PBL-10102)
    • Scan Wizard dark mode UI issues (PBL-10095, PBL-10098)
    • Password Vault: Connect Devices screen :: long string is not fully visible even with full size / insert field is truncated if window is small (PBL-10216/SAFE_BUG-03755)
    • Vault: record names can consist of whitespace (KID-1445)

    Known issues:

    • VPN feature card icon color is not customized and the card description also has a typo (PBL-10343, PBL-10345)

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    Love the Halloween theme!

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    Sorry for the reply.

    A bit of about the customisation: is it expected that the color scheme is sometimes applied with a visible delay. Maybe the problem is only on my system (old laptop, slow Network connection), though.

    Mostly noticeable ONLY with the (?) help logo in the UI and maybe just when going to AV or BP modules... where some events are loaded... so the delay is more than with other parts of interface. And also, more sensed with this announced lovely feature (that allows you to report your suggestion for web page rating) for BP extensions; exclusively Buttons (while navigating through 'list'. For example, choose Report 'safe->harmful' : "harmful-backTo-list' and so on). Just like "one" second (or between one and two seconds) - thus, noticeably.. but rather quickly.

    From "deep blue" to "pumpkin carrot". Not a trouble at all, especially for beta build. But it seemed to me that with a stable solution - when customization is applied (at least, if the main BP extension can be customized on-the-fly) - this can be strange.

    Other than that, so many great features have been added, changed and improved in recent releases (and have been for quite some time now).. literally.. one fine feature after another. What's next?! own firewall? :D

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    Release 19.0 beta 3 (TOTAL 5.1.703):

    New features:

    • The order of feature cards in main user interface was changed, so that commonly used feature cards are higher
    • The following windows now remember their size and position: Main UI, Settings, Event History, Scan Wizard and Help.
    • Help content renderer was updated to WebView2 and help now supports dark mode properly

    Fixed issues:

    • False positive reporting link on block pages now points to a correct URL (PBL-10318)
    • When switching from Kid to Adult profile, Finish dialog for kid profile is opened (PBL-10344)
    • Main UI crashes on x86 machines if VPN feature is available (PBL-10356)

    Known issues:

    • The account id is not shown after the upgrade (PBL-10431)
    • Standalone Key notification is shown when it is not installed (PBL-10432)
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    Release 19.0 Beta 4 (TOTAL 5.1.836):

    New features:

    • Unified product/feature icons (PBL-10380)
    • VPN feature card UI has been improved (PBL-9947)
    • Smart tasks now have a visual progress and complete indicators

    Fixed issues:

    • The account id is not shown after the upgrade (PBL-10431)
    • Standalone Key notification is shown when it is not installed (PBL-10432)
    • Account menu item: icon is missing (PBL-10453)
    • In some localisations, the country name is shown incorrectly at the VPN card (PBL-10458)