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Since I updated to Windows 11, I have been locked out of facebook. I have tried everything, including calling Frontier Secure for them to help me solve the problem. So far I have had no luck at all. I am getting very discouraged as time goes by. I miss all of my facebook friends and feel lost without being able to check in everyday to keep up with all of the news and things my friends are posting.

Has anyone else had this bad experience? I anyone has any ideas that will help me get back into my facebook account, please send me an email at XXXXXX. Or call me at XXXXXX. I will be anxiously awaiting any help that anyone can provide for me.

Thank You,

Diane Hickel

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    Are you using an app to get on Facebook? If yes, try to reinstall the app.

    Do you remember your password? If yes, try to log on from a browser. (Google Chrome, Edge, etc.)

    Have you tried contacting Facebook Support? They WILL answer you - but it will take some time before they do it...