tough "feature" still remains

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  • active iphone6(latest iOS) and iphone8(latest iOS) stop "calling home" without manually refreshing the app from device
  • Implement "modern" portal for managing and licening of consumer customer devices
  • Any news of these?

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  • JOnes
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    Looks like you don't(or want not) to fully understand my point.I do NOT have any difficulties to operate manually (time to time ) to get temporally rid of this feature.Instead i expect more sophisticated administation of secured devices and purchased licences at home and finally resolving also the root cause of this.Thank you.Case closed by now..

  • Firmy
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    Hi @JOnes

    Thank you for your comment.

    Sorry for missing the point.

    Sometimes, it takes time for the application to sync with the cloud on your My F-Secure especially if the app has not been used for a long time.

    You can force the app to update the status by simply clicking on the SAFE app or restarting the device, and then refreshing your F-Secure portal. If by restarting your device does not solve the issue, you can log out and log in on the app again, however, kindly make sure to release the license to re-use it on the same device.

    On rare occasions, a reinstallation is required however, if the updates fail after a restart, then indeed you may have to perform a reinstallation.

    So far, as the SAFE app shows you are protected, then, it is fine, however, frequent use of the SAFE app is recommended to keep the status up to date.

    The subscription and renewal/purchase can be manageable from the My F-Secure portal. However, we always encourage our users to submit a suggestion or idea to improve the service Feature Requests — F-Secure Community

    Thank you.


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my input. I do able to suspect, that the first point is also valid for Android solution. From time to time, sounds that there is a 'stuck' without reload application (I mean, for example just app crash or device reboot will fix it). I did not notice 'portal' status information (maybe it is even fine there), but app functioning itself. Too spontaneous for me - so cannot do a proper report about.

    // oh, well.. Perhaps, your experience is about F-Secure SENSE design mostly.

  • JOnes
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    First of all,this is not a question of Sense products,either Android or "stucked" or crashed apps in Iphone devices installed with Safe apps.The status of those devices in the "portal"( is green(well i guess,but with the err. message: "This device has not connected...").Those devices just cease to communicate with the portal,for the reason unknown to me or the status at the portal side is inaccurate.Last successfull connection cannot be verified from the portal side either.Last time i mentioned about this feature(a long time ago) to F-Secure support,i got the answer that "The Team is aware of this feature and is investigating the solution" so i decided to just refresh the "stucked" issue....😋

  • Firmy
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    Hi @JOnes

    Thank you for your post.

    The My F-Secure portal can in some situations show incorrect information regarding this. You can force the device to update the status by restarting the device.

    If restarting the device didn't resolve the issue, log out and log back in on F-Secure SAFE with your My F-Secure credentials.

    Logging again on mobile devices:

    1. Open F-Secure SAFE
    2. Press the Menu button on the top left corner (3 stripes)
    3. Press your name / who's being protected
    4. Select Log out
    5. Select Continue
    6. Accept user agreement by selecting Accept and continue
    7. Log in with your My F-Secure credentials

    Logging again on Windows computer:

    1. Open F-Secure SAFE
    2. Click the blue icon on the top right corner
    3. Select Log out
    4. Select Continue to confirm
    5. Accept changes by selecting Yes
    6. Select Log out
    7. Log back in with your My F-Secure credentials

    Note: If you receive notification that all licenses are in use, select to free license and select the same device you are on to reuse the license.

    If all above fails, re-installation is needed.

    Kindly let me know if this helps.

    Thank you and stay safe.

  • Ukko
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    ... First of all,this is not a question of Sense products,either Android or "stucked" or crashed apps in Iphone devices installed with Safe apps...

    Yeah, I just thought you might be 'exclusively' referring to the design of the SENSE app (or something like that). Like the list of connected devices (to the SENSE router as such; not sure actually of its functionality). Which is maybe slightly different from the My F-Secure Portal (which I originally thought of).

    So, I mentioned some communication problem of "application" and let's call it "portal" (based on my experience). When the application, in fact, becomes without updates from the side of the portal and for the portal. What is solved by the steps mentioned by Firmy in the last comment.

    I don't know the specific reasons, since in most situations these are devices that are offline very often (and so things). And I do not often login into Portal.

    Therefore, for me, this is in a sense expected from time to time. But strange things happen, like with App Control functionality (the Portal does not know about installed applications). Or changes in time limits do not come to the device. So, it became noticeable. Perhaps, it is mostly working as should.. and 'unknown' status is something about 'obvious' explanation.

    What about 'administation' point - yes, maybe there are a lot of things to improve (or increase).


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