Free VPN for people of Iran


I admire you and your beloved team. When Ukrainians did not have access to the global Internet, unlike other VPN companies, you did not sit quietly and supported the equal rights of everyone to access the Internet and provided 6 months of free VPN services for Ukrainians.

I am here to write to you, who support the basic human right to connect to the global Internet:

Iran has been subjected to internal pressures and the Iranian Internet has been cut off by authorities (government). You can follow the news with the hashtags #Mahsa_Amini and #MahsaAmini to know the truth of the news I give you. Since the United States has also allowed to send global internet equipment (like what Elon Musk has) for Iranian people (although it has not yet reached us), I think you can do a great favor to the basic rights of the people of this country by donating at least 10 days of free VPN to Iranians.

Whether you accept my request or not, I am grateful for the good quality of your services and also for your kindness.

Be healthy and lively and powerful.

Sincerely, a human in Iran.

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