Why does purchasing this through the website not give me an activation code?!?

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Why is this so unintuitive that if I purchase this product through the website, it will use the email of my PayPal-account as an identifier for the f-secure account?!? And not give me an activation code I can simply enter in my my.f-secure.com page?

I just did purchase and at no point during the process did it mention that the email used for my account and the email I purchase through has to be the same. This is super annoying. What could have been an easy process is now simply tedious - and without any reason.

And the solution is to delete the old account and just use the new one... holy ****, guys, I don't want to reregister 15 PCs! Some of them are family members abroad, which would result in a day for just fixing an issue I wouldn't have if it weren't for this ass-forward process! Has this been designed by the committee or did the marketing department just figure out that "this is the way to do digital business"?!?

And why is it so difficult to open a ticket for something like this? Why do I have to get on the forum?

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    Hi @AlexArlt

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    And thank you for sharing your experience using our product. We appreciate your feedback to improve our service and technology to provide a smoother experience to the user.

    F-Secure SAFE / F-Secure TOTAL / ID PROTECTION does not use any subscription or activation codes when you have purchased the subscription via the F-Secure online store

    When purchasing an F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL / ID PROTECTION subscription, you will be directed to create a My F-Secure account (my.f-secure.com) from which you can install the product to your devices. 

    If you have renewed via your existing My F-Secure account, all the devices installed from that My F-Secure account will automatically update to the new subscription expiry date. 

    The only time F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL / ID PROTECTION subscription codes can be found is via retail (box) purchases and via some campaigns.

    And why is it so difficult to open a ticket for something like this? Why do I have to get on the forum?

    You may post any issue/questions that you have and our Moderators will always be here to assist you. Or if you would like to get in touch with our support, you may go to F-Secure support.

    Kindly let me know if this helps.

    Thank you and stay safe.

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