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If I always want "Automatic WiFi Protection" turned on ... on my iOS device, should I have, acknowledge or define any network ( i.e., my own network or any other network for that matter ) as a "Trusted" network ??


On my MacOS device ( laptop ), what is the relationship between the "killswitch" and networks I have marked as "Trusted" networks ??


On my iOS device, is the "killswitch" automatically on ??

Personally, I would prefer to always have the "killswitch" automatically on ... on all of my devices.

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    Hi @Issues4Life

    1. If you want Freedome to be always turned ON in all the WiFi networks, you don't need to define any Trusted Networks. If you want to have Freedome always OFF in for example your home WiFi, but always ON in any other WiFi, you can define your home WiFi as trusted and switch on the "Automatic WiFi Protection" feature.
    2. If you have turned the Automatic Killswitch ON, you can't access the devices in your local network when Freedome is ON. To be able to access the devices in your local network when you've got Automatic Killswitch ON, you must define your local network as trusted.
    3. On iOS, FREEDOME VPN utilizes the built-in IPSEC VPN. The operating system includes a killswitch-like functionality that prevents external leaks. Nevertheless, there may be some unprotected network traffic between the iOS device and Apple. VPN applications, such as F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, cannot affect this.
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