F Secure Safe for Windows 11

Provide the following features in F Secure Safe app for Windows 11 :-

1. Provide an option for manually adding files to the qurantine by the user. Such a feature comes in handy when dealing with a file is malicious and not detected by F Secure Safe.

2. Provide Keylogger protection for typing over Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox which encrypts or scrambles anything typed over these browsers.

3. Provide 2 factor authentication via sms based authentication over mobile device.

4. Provide Camera and mic protection over Windows 11.

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  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 846 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @The_Eagle_007

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    For the suggestion on the Keylogger protection, provided you have F-Secure SAFE installed on your Wins11 PC, with the F-Secure Browsing Protection enabled on your Google Chrome, MS Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers, and with the help of the Real-Time Scanning and the DeepGuard, the F-Secure SAFE will detect and block any keylogger threats.

    Also, our product has many features to protect user privacy from being leaked such as banking/browser protection which stops any program from communicating with the internet except the page you are visiting. For example when logging into your bank account. With this feature even if the keylogger is active and running it won't be able to log the user's username/password as the keylogger won't have access to the internet during the whole banking session to record and transmit to the attacker.

    For any more details on the encryption and other points raised, our team will provide their feedback in due course.

  • The_Eagle_007
    The_Eagle_007 Posts: 6 Explorer

    What if the keylogger sends the logged data after the internet connection establishes ? You meant during that time the internet connection is disabled for other parts of the system.

  • The_Eagle_007
    The_Eagle_007 Posts: 6 Explorer

    https://community.f-secure.com/en/discussion/comment/130157#Comment_130157What if the keylogger after the internet connection establishes sends the data intercepted by it earlier ?