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On my Secure Browsing and Banking page it says "This feature automatically blocks websites that may try steal personal information ...". This is incorrect English and should read "This feature automatically blocks websites that may try TO steal information ...".

This is the kind of mistake that normally alerts me to scam emails. Whatever happened to proof readers?

I was looking for an apology and tried to email customer care but was bounced back - apparently they don't care enough to even accept emails. What kind of slapdash operation is this?



  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 827 Community Manager

    Hi @Peterall

    Thank you for noticing and flagging this mistake.

    A ticket has now been opened to rectify this mistake. We confirmed and fixed it and the change will reflect in a future release.

    There are 2 channels for contacting F-Secure Support. They are chats and phone calls only. Chat support is available in English round the clock while our Call Support operates during working hours. However, contacting us here in the Community is sufficient too unless you want to share some personal details such as subscription code, email address, case number etc.

    Kindly click here to see more details about reaching our Support.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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