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I haven't used your product for maybe 10 years, and I'm very shocked how much worse it has become!

It is absurd. It decides it has detected something, asks nothing, comments nothing and places it in quarantine. Feeling at home, do we?

It's not very intuitive to put the quarantine management in settings, but OK I found it!

2 viruses detected.

The first is a packer you do not like. It's supposed to have been detected in multiple files, but you list one! You show the filename but not the path to it! After restoring it, I can see the path in the exceptions, but have to copy it careful, because there is no select-copy-paste!

Much less success with the second "virus". You tell me that it copies itself at the start of the infected file and that is exactly 301 bytes long. But there is no action "desinfect" or "repair"... your program only deletes now! This sounds a lot like you think you have discovered a com file virus on my computer! 300 bytes copied over the start of a program would only work with a com file! Does Windows 11 even support com files? I would be very surprised.... those were 16 bit computers under DOS...

Sorry guys, but this is simply incompetence! Don't get offended - try to do better! This is not acceptable for a company with your history! It is sad! I never thought, that after 30 years as a programmer my young colleagues would be so clueless! You are showing your software to people, don't you have shame?

Amaizing regress. Oh... forgot to say that the malware packed with a malware packer was actually a tcl file (TCL as the language TCL)... it was source code, TCL is an interpreted language!

What type of person is your target customer? The behavior of your program is a lot more similar to a virus or ransomware! If by accident you decide to invest some amount of thought in your product - let me know - I'll try it again!



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    Hi @ilian

    Thank you for reaching out to us on this platform.

    We will try to address your concerns;

    • Quarantine behaviour, restoration and exceptions were polished for a long time and made to best suited for consumers. Not much we can do in this instance.
    • Virus disinfect functionality does exist in the product, we try to disinfect as the first action and if it fails (e.g. no virus-specific disinfect exits) we quarantine. The whole decision is automatically made by the product. "File infectors" are quite rare nowadays as most malware is trojans or exploits.
    • COM file is scanned due to the standard test file

    If these replies do not address your concerns, please do provide us with further explanation on what exactly the problem is.

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