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some time ago I got a .dll file a a common game in the Steam Shop blocked. I submitted the file and it was whitelisted by F-Secure.

Now I got a similiar issue with the game "Raft". When F-Secure SAFE is activated the game doesn't start as it runs into a load-Error. If I deactivate the protection for just the startup of the game it works fine from then and I can reactivate the protection without any further complications.

The thing is that F-Secure Safe doesn't seem to specifically block any application. So there isn't a specific file I can request to whitelist. Any ideas on how to solve the problem without manually deactiviation the protection?



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    Just to add to the instructions above. Sometimes DeepGuard does not actually block the game, but just the presence of DeepGuard will make some anti-cheat or DRM go crazy and game decides to quit. If this happens, you do not have anything listed as blocked, since our product did not block anything. In this case please submit the game as DeepGuard problem to us and we can make DeepGuard play nicer with it.

    You can also add the game folder into "Excluded folders" for real-time scanning to tell DeepGuard to ignore it.


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    Hey @Cale,

    at the time being there are no more issues regarding steam, at least for me.


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