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As I have experienced your service is blocked from many common services( websites).

I myself use Android ( on my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 SMT-505).

What I've discovered is that it enables me to use a common searchengine like,or many other common sites like DHL.

What I've discovered is that startpage request a captcha code to proceed futher.

But what I've discovered with DHL is that they permanently block me from using their website.

But in some cases I get a error code( generated from Firefox).

After I've done a IP- test ( from Who is my IP), I've doscovered an astonised experience-

That many of the IP- adresses are marked as suspected/ or as potential boots.

When I dig futher many of this services are in some way linked or assosiated with Russia

( not directly in Russia,but linked with former SSR states- wich may have Russian interests).

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    Thomasz29 Posts: 13 Explorer

    As I mentioned earlier it seems that many sites nowdays block ( don't want) any traffic from russian ip- adresses.

    Because however when I've done a ip check ( for ex. the current one leads me to russian servers.

    So just to mention some error code that I've got: #18.a785655f.1661601463.448def04.

    But at the other hand I also was blocked from (, because they detected that I was

    (What the system detected that I was abroad)- and because of that it was disabled for me to stream some material( because of regional restrictions).

    But if I disable VPN( close down a window), I can reach all sites.

    So either way the only conclution that I can draw is that there are specific sites that don't want any russian internet traffic. But also at many public WIFI- spots( such as public library,or spots that is sponsored at many shoping malls)

    So why sholud I then buy VPN services wich disables me from entering their sites because of their policy to russian interests?

    Because however I don't want to be tracked( followed), but also that this service enables me from searches ( materials) wich is only accesable abroad.

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