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I have used ID PROTECTION now for quite a while and therefore I have a lot of accounts in there.

I think it would be great to have a feature in the product that lists accounts that have not been used for a while to help a user keep a "healthy" digital hygiene. By locating these rarely used credentials, a user can unregister on those sites/services to minimize the risk of having their credentials (e-mail etc.) getting leaked.

One way to do this could be to give the user an opportunity to set a timer on each (or all) credentials they want to keep track of and if the credential timer expires, the credential would be listed in a special view which the user can review and "clean" when they have some time to spare.

It is possible this feature already exist but I have not found it yet :) This is of course something a user can do manually by going through all credentials inside ID PROTECTION. But this is quite tedious to do and should in my opinion be something that is built into the password manager they use. It is also possible it would enlighten some users that it is not good to be registered on a website/service if they do not use it.

Is this functionality something that can be expected from a future version of ID PROTECTION?

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