FSESS and Microsoft Exchange - Scanning for specific URLs in incoming emails / scan masked domains

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Dear F-Secure Team,

we are using FSESS in our Exchange 2016 environment to scan incoming emails for Malware, Spam, harmful links and malicous attachments. After using FSESS for some months we found out that the handling with harmful hyperlinks in emails needs a improvement. 

1) It would be nice if F-Secure could provide an option to mark a hyperlink in an email and replace it with an placeholder instead of deleting it. Currently we only can move it to our quarantine or pass it. Additionally we need this option in the manual and scheduled scan option too.

2) Another thing is actually that we receive emails with masked domain names in foreign character sets. Bitdefender has published an article on his site to this problem: "Microsoft Office vulnerable to homograph attacks"

Thanks for your help.

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