Switch of F-secure from XS4All to KPN went wrong

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Due to takeover by KPN from the XS4All services, my subscription of F-Secure was noted as ended. I had to temporary install the free version of F-Secure and had access to my passwords again.

But then I got the message that I had to switch to the KPN-version of F-Secure and with (in hindsight justified) fear in my heart I started that procedure. Therefore I had to register a new account on the F-Secure site. And now my link to the KPN variant is gone and I only have the message that my licence has ended.

Please help me to get it right.

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    Hi @fkuipers

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    You have reached F-Secure support. We are unable to extend support for KPN customers as we do not have access to your information. 

    You can reach KPN support from the following link: https://www.kpn.com/algemeen/english.htm

    Thank you and stay safe.


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