Unable to install F-Secure Safe - Free up some disk space

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I am trying to install F-Secure-Safe using the F-Secure-Safe-Network-Installer. I get an error saying that I need to Free Up Some Disk Space. That around 1GB of space is required!

I am installing on my main C drive and have over 60GB of space, so there should be no problems.

Can anyone help me, how I can get the software to install?


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    The installer does not check disk space in advance - it just tries to install and if it runs out of disk space, only then this dialog is shown.

    Please check that the following locations have enough disk space for installation purposes:

    • %PROGRAMDATA% - roughly 50MB
    • %TEMP% - roughly 50MB (note: must be system temp, usually C:\Windows\Temp)
    • %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% - roughly 1GB


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