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I have changed mobile and have problems getting Freedome to work on the new mobile. I have released the F-secure Total license on the old device and transferred it to the new one. F-Secure on the new device does not work with Freedome. I have downloaded the app but do not get to any place where I can activate it.

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    Thank you for the answer. I managed myself by trial and answer. I reinstalled the entire F_secure Total.

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    Hi @Husse

    Thank you for your post.

    Would you provide us more information on the issue that you are having?

    What is the operating system? Where are you located? May I confirm with you that you are not able to turn on FREEDOME? Is there any error? Could you provide us a screenshot of the error? Do you connect by using WIFI or mobile data?

    The first thing you should try is to reinstall F-Secure FREEDOME VPN on the device. 

    If the issue persist after this, then you should try this (if you are not already connected to a Mobile Hotspot or 4G network): 

    1. Create a Mobile Hotspot with your phone
    2. Connect to that Mobile Hotspot on your device
    3. Try to activate F-Secure FREEDOME VPN to see if F-Secure FREEDOME VPN working now. 

    If it is working now, then it can be concluded that some settings, in the network you tried to connect to previously, are not allowing VPN. The network settings should therefore be changed, if you want to use F-Secure FREEDOME VPN on that network. 

    Please make sure that Freedome have data usage allowed in the system's settings.

    On most of the devices this can be configured from:

    Settings > Apps (& Notifications) > Freedome > Data usage

    Thank you and stay safe.

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