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As an administrator, I would like to extract more information in a list (e.g. CSV or HTML on the screen) from my devices. Up to now, EPP records details like vendor, model, BIOS version and date, etc. but this information can only be seen per machine on the details page of each machine. Up to now it's not possible to extract this information into a CSV report or change the view of the device list table to include this information.

Please add the possibility to extract this information for ALL devices in my company.

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    You have posted on the Feature Request page for Consumer products.

    For business Feature Request, I would suggest liaising with your Sales Engineer or Account Manager at WithSecure.

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    Hello, this is funny - the support told me that this would be exactly the forum to post such requests in..

    Okay, I will contact some Sales Engineer for this.

    Thank you!

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