ATTENTION! The latest Windows Patch Tuesday updates broke the SAFE and ID Protection programs!

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After installing the latest Windows 11 Patch Tuesday updates your SAFE and ID Protection products stopped working and will not even open.

Deleting and re-installing the programs will not fix the problem, because the error appears immediately again even during the installation process.

Below I will attach screen captures of the error codes, which are being presented on the screen when the programs fail to open.

The situation requires your urgent attention!

Accepted Answer

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    Hey Steve900,

    There is a working temporary fix for this problem, which doesn't include uninstalling valuable security or other updates from you system and by using this method I have been able to help numerous parties today.

    In order to get the applications working again you have to enable NET Framework 3.5 and Windows Communication Foundation features in your system.

    In the search box on your desktop type "Turn Windows features on or off" and open the application.

    In the Windows Features application choose the NET Framework 3.5 and Windows Communication Foundation features and make sure that the boxes are filled just like in the picture, and the press OK.

    After this the system will enable the features and search for updates for the features.

    If asked allow the system to automatically update the features and then reboot your system.

    After this everything should work normally again.


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