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I write as a PARENT to bring to the URGENT ATTENTION of F-SECURE and F-SECURE TOTAL the fact that it is extremely important for we parents especially in todays Internet age, that F-Secure please ensure that it includes in F-SECURE TOTAL, the ability for we parents from our (parents) devices i.e. desktop, laptop and phones both Android and iPhones, to be able to stealthily and remotely from anywhere in the World, fully install, see, monitor, log and control in real time if need be, our childrens text messages and phone calls, and, our childrens chat messages, voice calls, video calls, phone calls, video clips, images, photos and links sent, received, to and from others on Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram amongast other Social Media Apps. And, while they are on the Internet generally etc.


The above will greatly assist we parents to see and monitor what our children are up to when they use the internet on their (the children) devices i.e. desktop, laptop and Android and iPhones etc.


Enabling we parents have the ability to accomplish all aforementioned will greaty help in saving our childrens lives literally.  


This kind of service i.e. the ability to monitor our children without their knowledge is available with iSpy.  


But, iSpy which presumably is the very best out on the market is in fact absolute rubbish as it does not do what it claims it does. Same applies to other software on the market just now.  


I am extremely convinced that should F-Secure include this software services and capability in F-SECURE TOTAL, that F-Secure will be a massive hit especially with we parents who have children to keep a watchful eye over in this day and age of the Internet.


Having F-SECURE TOTAL Chid Protection is not good enough because it is very limited seeing it only allows for we parents to set the time limits and the websites to be visited by our children.


But, F-SECURE TOTAL Chid Protection does not enable we parents MONITOR and LOG our childrens activities while on the Internet, their phone calls and text messages, and this is precisely where the real danger lies for our children, and for we parents too.


My 11 year old daughter has severally been taken advantage of while on online, and was almost lured and kidnapped by Paedophiles on three separate occasions owing to her device not being monitored. The F-SECURE TOTAL Child Protection was of absolutely no use with respect protecting our daughter online. And we have younger chidren too.


Very blessed thanks for taking this invaluable piece of advice into consideration with and in all seriousness as it does save lives.


Avid F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE customer since 2005: I have unfailingly been with F-SECURE for 17 consecutive years now.



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  • Don_Steve1
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    Would apreciate it is F-SECURE and F-SECURE TOTAL team please urgently look into my above suggestion as it will help parents protect their chidlren in real team, and, save their lives too.

    Because, it will enable parents upon coming home from work to be able to go through all logged files, folders, phone calls, text messages, chat messages, video clips, photos, voice recordings, Internet links, websites visited by our children while we were at work, or on holidays, or while on the move, or while at work etc.

    Very blessed thanks.


  • Ukko
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    Sounds as a very great tool and 'easy' way to control (in a sense, to save) children's life.

    The things mentioned for logging, collecting and monitoring for further analysis are really enough for completeness.

    But I feel some points about:

    -> this can only be implemented if any regulations / terms about child privacy and related "subjects" are not violated. Which is probably quite hard to do with such a list of proposed features and design.

    -> even if this will be implemented or possible to implement. Such powerful functionality (and design) is too open to be misused. That is not to protect children from something. Moreover, some part of the idea cannot be implemented due to platform limitations (OS: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac), I think. Otherwise... it's too easy and simple to create malware in this form (or it will simply not be different from this).

    -> if partially implemented (as far as possible) - kids can always share and use friends' devices for the most dangerous activities.

    Thus, even just to fence off the Internet (by taking away devices or prohibiting them from using them) is not a full solution.

    I think the most important thing is a complex approach. Where solutions like F-Secure TOTAL (with some set for Parental Control) are just an addition. The main role is played by education and conversations with children. It's not easy - but the most reliable and bulletproof for the future.. As well as just the general health of the environment.

    To be honest. I don't understand and can't imagine how kids use the Internet. I mean, how even it is possible to do safely and nicely. Since even for me it is a kind of dump and a rather large-scale trash can that annoys (for kids it could means: dangerous / rogue) even when and where it should not be. It is quite difficult to use an arbitrary Internet resource for its intended purpose without encountering rubbish. But there are some attempts from websites, platforms, solutions... so good to keep them and use them as an option to create something.

    In any case, I'm sure the F-Secure team will read your request and see if they can do something. Sometimes they manage to do something very, very seriously innovative. Ahead of its "peak" popularity. Maybe this "child protection" (even if a kind of platform or entire service) could become something like that.


  • Don_Steve1
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    Hello Ukko,

    Bessed thanks for responding to my message.

    Please please and please F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY should look to work with reevant bodies to enable my idea be fuly implementable as it literally saves the ives of our chidren from Paedophiles, Murders etc.

    Talking to children does not work at all.

    Chidren using their frines devices is possible. But I always make sure my children use the devices I buy for tehm and absolutely no other device.

    Even if kids use their friends devices, if their friends devices are used on my network F-SECURE TOTAL COMLETE CHILD SECURITY PROTECTION AND CONTROL will automatically log all incoimng and outgoing NETWORK LINKS accessed, this way paranets will be able to see the websites and videos and chats and texts and photos via the NETWORK LOG.

    Responsible parents like myself know not to abuse the F-SECURE TOTAL COMLETE CHILD SECURITY PROTECTION AND CONTROL.

    Please remeber that the most important is for we parents to be able to SECURE and PROTECT the LIVES of OUR CHILDREN seeing this is 100% paramount and cannot be over emphasised as you will fuly agree with me.

    I very honestly believe that F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY can pull this very blessed lovely idea of mine off and help PROTECT OUR CHILDREN and, also make loads of money for F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY too.


    Very blessed thanks.


  • Jaims
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    Hi @Don_Steve1

    Thanks for this useful piece of suggestion especially in this world where it is extremely inevitable to use the internet without experiencing several forms of invasion even having safeguarded your network, device and accounts.

    I am truly sorry to hear about the evil online attempts on your daughter. It gives us a deep sense of concern here at F-Secure. I would like to say that most of the internet watchdog responsibility especially on the kids still boils down majorly to the parents with the vast majority of the apps having their own security features we can leverage on. Social media platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram etc have set the age limit to 13, so you might want to review what apps are on your daughter's devices.

    F-Secure Family Rule can already block these apps which of course is also available on remote access through My F-Secure portal. I presume you have an overall knowledge of how this functions on all platforms.

    Managing photos and other media files provided they have been configured to sync can be monitored remotely as well and managed by parents unless you don't have the logins. Google Photos or iCloud images are uploaded in real-time hence parents can leverage these functions to access and view the images their kids are potentially exchanging with their friends or third parties. I understand the exceptions that messaging apps such as Whatsapp have here where the images aren't stored locally which prevents you from accessing them via Google photos or iCloud and this is where you've categorically made some significant contribution to how we can improve our technology to make this happen.

    We will allow our product team to consider your idea but I presume this must have at some point been considered by them although the platform limitation to implementing this feature is quite enormous.

  • Don_Steve1
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    Hello Jaims,

    Blessed thanks for your very informative feedback of which is well appreciated.

    Kids when registering with Whatsapp, Tiktok, Facebook, IG etc always declare a false age to enable them successfully register with the platforms.

    And, trust me when I say kids are perfect at concealing Apps on their devices. This means that I will not know which Apps are being used seeing I will not be able to find them. But, with my idea for F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY, parents will be able to see our kids using the apps, even in real time and, find the app and proceed to delete the apps in a bid to secure our childrens lives.

    If truth be told children have a very weird way of by-passing rules and regulations and accessing Apps and sites that are out of bounds to them. This is precisely where F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY come into play seeing you guys are the very best in the World. SURELY, kids aren't smart enough to outsmart the Worlds very best Software developers like Mikko Hyponen. No? Exactly my point and thoughts too.

    I do have an overall knowledge of how F-SECURE PORTAL works.

    But, there is a problem with F-SECURE PORTAL of which I have for many years i.e. at least 10 years and counting, brought to the attention of F-SECURE over the phone, yet, the problem still remains.

    The problem is this: When I tick the 'block Porn box' on F-SECURE TOTAL it aso prevents me accessing Facebook, and a few other such sites amongst other normal sites too - lol. As I mentioned earlieron this has been ongoing for over a decade now, and counting.

    Anyway, back to our main dicuss.

    As you very rightly pointed out Whatsapp does not store its data locally on peoples devices. Again, this is precisely where F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY come to a major play for we parents and especially in safe guarding our childrens lives.

    When you say that 'Managing photos and other media files provided they have been configured to sync can be monitored remotely as well and managed by parents ', does this mean that we parents will actualy be able to see what our chidren get up to on Facebook, WhatsApp, Tiktok, IG etc vis-a-vis sent and received websites, video clips, photos, voice messages, video calls, text messgaes and phone calls?

    If yes to the immediate above question, kindly educate me on how to configure to sync. Blessed thanks.

    And, does this mean I will need to have physical access to my childrens devices to configure to sync? If yes, it means I'll need to do it when they are at school or asleep or in Church.

    Also, will configuring to sync, store text messages, voice calls, whatsapp video calls, whatsapp chats, photos, phone messages and text messages etc?

    I fully understandand and appreciate the limitations vis-a-vis platform functionalities being able to handle the accompanying softeware to be written and deployed for my ideas.

    But, in all, half a loaf is absolutely better than absolutely none. Yes?

    And, I very strongly believe that once F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY start this process rolling, that they will surely improve on it, and speedily too, and, with time parents the World over will enjoy the full functionality of my blessed ideas and the very hard and industrious high level expertise software development of F-SECURE TOTAL and F-SECURE SECURITY Software Writters and product team whom will actualise my briliant ideas.

    I have loads of other briliant ideas. But, let's start with this first and see how it all pans out in the end.

    Once again very blessed thnaks for your gracious response.

    Don: The Don.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my yet another reply!

    First of all, for the implementation of such an idea to be "acceptable" by the child, it must be hidden and invisible to him (so, outside his knowledge). But in this case, it's just to spy on him (when almost all digital activities are unnecessarily 'visible'). This is already not the best idea. Yes, quite good and powerful for parents. And it is possible that protecting and saving with a high degree of probability. But it can also potentially harm the moral, mental side of the child's growth. It can also be difficult for parents. Excessive stress, erroneous decisions on some not the most important situations (which would otherwise go unnoticed and "harmless" to everyone). Some unpleasant "discoveries" or shock. What will be difficult to start a conversation with a child just like that. Or there will be suspicions about shadowing him. And with his attempts to "deceive" - ​​uncontrollable anger and swearing as a result. But the most problematic thing is that the most dangerous things are outside the digital area. And not necessarily they will be somehow "noticeable" in the digital life of the child (if we consider that a "smart" approach is required on his part. Otherwise, the "problem" will be visible even without any special tools).

    Perhaps it should be up to the parent to decide whether to "spy" or not. But this is not recommended to anyone. Instead, use the most "organic" paths and options available. In the end, children are most often quite attentive to the unobtrusive explanation of the need for this or that (in young years) .

    Nevertheless, something and somehow it is quite worth implementing. Including, based on your ideas, thoughts, described subtleties and forms.

    Anyway, some remarks about certain parts:

    Even if kids use their friends devices, if their friends devices are used on my network F-SECURE TOTAL COMLETE CHILD SECURITY PROTECTION AND CONTROL will automatically log all incoimng and outgoing NETWORK LINKS accessed, this way paranets will be able to see the websites and videos and chats and texts and photos via the NETWORK LOG.

    As such, it must mean something like it was with F-Secure SENSE (Router). Otherwise, software on one device cannot control 'third-party' device without any tricks or unintended functionality. By the way, most of the modern routers (thus, your Wi-Fi network or Ethernet connections) with quite many security tweaks and optionally Parental Control settings. Which is also a good idea to use if present in your model.

    But the trouble is that there are more dangers outside. In any case, it is not enough to make "everything solid and secure" inside (or 'secured and hardened' device) - if the child is supposed to have a way out. In an uncontrolled space \ network.

    Responsible parents like myself know not to abuse the F-SECURE TOTAL COMLETE CHILD SECURITY PROTECTION AND CONTROL.

    Yes, right. But I talked about the fact that not quite conscious people can use such a "fantasy" application too. Or else a very "far-fetched" scenario - a scammer.

    In addition, having received such control and then "information" for monitoring and viewing is far from the fact that all this will lead to "security". But it is undeniable that in the most radical (life-threatening) scenarios - it can really help save a life. However, like many other things. Including the most unforeseen (but due to vigilance or a combination of circumstances that play an important saving role).

    Please remeber that the most important is for we parents to be able to SECURE and PROTECT the LIVES of OUR CHILDREN seeing this is 100% paramount and cannot be over emphasised as you will fuly agree with me

    That's why, there must be something 'innovative' in this area. At least to the extent that to secure and protect the lives from the problematic result of digital life. And also it can be somewhat a guide for "mitigating" and securing real life.

    If truth be told children have a very weird way of by-passing rules and regulations and accessing Apps and sites that are out of bounds to them. 

    But they should not do so. They should not try to fool anyone or bypass any restrictions. If they are doing this, it is already worth either considering the "necessity" of such a form of rules, or explaining their necessity (and the "consequences" of trying to bypass them. In other words, the pointlessness of doing this). Because, in the end, they may simply not use a "controlled" device or "home". And knowingly break the rules outside.

    Some form of Parental Control, or your proposed application concept... really... will and will be able to help overcome some dangerous gap after which the child will not want to or will not be able to meet the threat. But there should be some kind of integrated approach (or a whole platform).

     on F-SECURE TOTAL it aso prevents me accessing Facebook, and a few other such sites amongst other normal sites too - lol. As I mentioned earlieron this has been ongoing for over a decade now, and counting.

    Should not perhaps. At least, my experience is not about that. Facebook is rated as "social media" (surely) - but is not blocked as "Adult" category (which is actually not only about XXX content - but any form of adult matter). But, anyway, there are indeed a lot of false positive.. and sadly false negatives.

    // or maybe it is based on chosen Kids age profile. For some of them, perhaps, Facebook (or much more pages) can be rated as "Adult" category.

    ... Sorry for the long comment. I will try to stop it now.

    I think in general. It is more useful to audit the child's device from time to time. And in general - to configure it (for children) by parents. And then do an audit of the installed, settings, content and other things. Naturally, in addition to using all ALREADY available means (from the side of the router, device, security applications, settings of the applications themselves, browser, accounts.. if any, and so on). For example, if a website or application is used outside of its age range. So it needs to be controlled.

    I must say that many things (if you put them together in one application or platform) are already available on most OS (mobile or desktop). This can already help parents quite a lot. But provided that the kids do not specifically try to hide or fool.

    But I also still think it's possible to come up with something pretty impressive and innovative. Powerful for parents and friendly for kids.

  • Don_Steve1
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    Hello Ukko,

    Blessed thanks for your reply.

    Kindly let we parents be the ones to decide what is a good idea or what is not a good idea when monitoring our childrens online activites seeing we parents know our children best. Yes?

    This means that we parents are in the best position to determine how and when to monitor our children to keep them safe and alive while they engage with their online activities.

    And remember that virtually all dangers to chidren come from their online activities these days. So, we parents being able to monitor our childrens online activities is paramount in keeping our children safe while at the same time giving we parents absolute peace of mind too Yes?

    We parents know how best to handle our chidrens Psychological self i.e. anger, swearing etc. Yes? Hence, please F-SECURE TOTAL should kindly implent my ingenuous ideas and leave parenting to we parents to handle our children as best we know how. And not F-SECURE TOTAL. Yes?

    Yes please, it is very strongly worth implementing if we parents are going to be able to keep our children very safe while they engage in their online activities.

    A software added to the paltform of F-SECURE TOTAL which will enable we parents monitor the online activities of our children in real time and also log their activities too, will be most welcome by we parents.

    F-SECURE TOTAL can still go ahead and create the software that will enable we parents monitor our childrens online activities first. Then, add to its software the relevant and necessary ABC tutorials for parents on how best to use the software to monitor their children, this being in the event a particular parent does not know how to use the software.

    Trrue. Children should not look to access prohibited websites etc. But, in the real World we live in, children as a matter of fact specialise in accessing websites and arears on the Internet they are in fact prohibited from doing.

    As is the case with children it is the very thing parents ask children not to do that children in fact go on to do. This is precisely where F-SECURE TOTAL comes into play i.e., implement my ingenius idea to enable we parents fully protect our chidren when they are online. Thus, give them utmost online seurty while at the sametime giving we parents utmost peace of mind in the knowldege that our children are safe online curtesy of F-SECURE TOTAL. This in turn helps to ssave lives of children and parents seeing it protects our children against Paedophiles and at the same time protects wep arents from high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes etc brough upon by over worrying about our childrens online safety and overal safety too. Because our childrens inseucorty comes mostly from their online usage activties these days.

    I look to F-SECURE TOTAL resolving the the blockage of Facebook etc each time adult contents are blocked.

    I note F-SECURE TOTAL have made it quite difficult for parents to very easily access the different category of websites to block from the parental control section.

    . I used to be able to very easily access this page and block relevant and necessary websites. But now this page seems to be hidden deep behind other applications withing PARENTAL CONTRO seeing I am unable to find this page altogether.

    Please can F-SECURE TOTAL make it very easy for parents to very easily access the webpage contents to block, from PARENTAL CONTROL window, probably by additing an appication link like they have done with the likes of ID MONITORING, VIRUS & THREATS, PEAOPLE & DEVICES etc of which when we parents click on, it immediately takes us to the precise application we look to set the variables for. Blessed thanks.

    Please, why is it not possible for we F-SECURE TOTAL users to be able to access ID MONITORING on our Android phones?

    And, can F-SECURE TOTAL please make it possible and very easy for we users of F-SECURE TOTAL to very easily access ID MONITORING on our Andrpid phones? Yes?

    You don't need to apologise for your lengthy reply.

    As a matter of fact I welcome it because it shows you have given your responses very deep thoughts and look to cover all areas possible.

    This is indeed very impressive and also very encouraging because it goes to show that I have been right all laong in saying, when I joined F-SECURE SECURITY in 2005, that F-SECURE is the very best out there on the Market when it comes to Online Security and Data Protection etc.

    Please note that when I joined F-SECURE in 2005 there was no F-SECURE TOTAL at the time, just F-SECURE.

    In all honesty I very much love the astronomical positive progressive transformaton F-SECURE has undergone from 2005 when I joined her up until now in 2022.

    I recall back in 2005 F-SECURE used to send us out CDs to we its members to install the software onto our computers lol. I still have some of the CDs you know - looooooooool.

    I look forward to F-SECURE implenting my ingenuous ideas, and soonest too.

    Just thought to ask. Is there an award given for long time loyalty to people whom have consecutively been with F-SECURE for years, like I have been - lol?

    And, is there any F-SECURE SECURITY and or F-SECURE TOTAL customer who has been with F-SECURE SECURITY from 2005 tot 2022 consecutively i.e., without leaving F-SECURE SECURITY and F-SECURE TOTAL only to later come back to F-SECURE SECURITY and F-SECURE TOTAL? Would be interested to know the answer to this question - lol.

    Don: The Don.