Add multiple URLs to ID Protection / Key

racker4Life Posts: 2 New Member

It is almost essential to add multiple URLs to a Password Entry.

I am surprised that this is not a feature (should be super easy to add, right?).


  • Sami_S
    Sami_S Posts: 3 Observer

    I am supporting this. Just changed my password for media company account and needed to change it to more than 5 entries, and most probably still some were left, because the same account applies to multiple services of the media company, most of them behind different hosts, i.e. URLs.

  • A3B
    A3B Posts: 3 Observer

    In my opinion when its a different URL you should use a different password, this prevents any theft or your credentials to be used on all the other URLs. No matter its the same company it can be different services and backends and therefore the best security is different passwords.

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  • Sami_S
    Sami_S Posts: 3 Observer

    A2B, I guess you did not understand the issue right. There are many companies, especially in media business, which are having multiple sites, with different domain names (for example magazines, news papers, tv channels and also other services), and to all of them the same account is valid.

    So, you can register with one email address only once for all those domains, and usually that email address is also the username of the account. It is not possible to set different passwords for that same username for those different domains. Most probably they are using the same backend and quite certainly have only one CRM/account database.

  • Sami_S
    Sami_S Posts: 3 Observer

    Sorry, the previous comment was meant for @A3B