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I do a lot of work from home and have a combination of virtual machines for development and physical machines for backup and storage, in combination with currently 7 Windows Desktops/Laptops, used by myself and other members of the family, who also do a lot of work from home. Essentially this is a SOHO with a mix of machines, devices, endpoints, some used for home some for work...

In total I guess I have 15 "private" devices - also counting phones and tablets - and a couple of Windows Servers. I am an employee, but do a lot of labs out of own interest and learning. I do not have a company or business, I can not do any tax/vat deductions.

Business license for 2-3 servers and a dozen or so Windows devices seem way to expensive, yet no one (I have looked in to this extensively over the years) is picking up the ball about making a SOHO dedicated license for people like me. I have to leave my Win servers unprotected, or trust Windows protection, which may or may not be enough.

I would be willing to pay a bit more to get this, but considering I can get a F-Secure Total license for 20 (private) devices for 125 € per year, I am not willing to pay a lot more.

Before anyone starts nagging about cpu cores, ad users and things similar to corporate networks, it is not relevant and a waste of my time. Example, I use one Windows Server to run a file share accessible to all computers/devices in my SOHO Lan and with ONE account shared in my family, everyone uses that for their own storage and we have lots of shared files in a folder structure, exceeding 9TB. I build/upgrade my own servers, going from 6 core Xeons, to 16 core Xeons, which was the last upgrade. I do not have an AD.

Why do you not seem to have a solution for me and many others in my situation who would most certainly appreciate it ?

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    Business products are only available to business customers.

    Your best choice would be the TOTAL license for now as we do not have SOHO types of licenses.